Thursday, 13 June 2013


On the 3rd of June we travelled up to Las Vegas. It took us four hours to drive there, but once we got there we met up with the Burlings who were accompanying us for that portion of the trip.
We walked around most of the hotel lobbies and stores for several hours that night.
We went to a huge candy store with supersized candy! With supersized prices too. 
About the first photo, no, my dad does not have a third hand, that was just someone photobombing! :)
The next day, we drove an hour to the Hoover Dam, and it was such an awesome sight to see!
We then travelled 4 hours to Sedona, AZ. There wasn't much to see until we got there. Dry, sandy deserts and cacti. When we arrived in Sedona, we enjoyed a relaxing afternoon in the resort we were staying at. It was so enjoyable sitting outside in the mild weather, with an amazing view of Sedona's many red rocks. After we had rested for a few hours, we headed out to a block of shops close by. There was anything from gift shops to restaurants to quirky little stores and tour booths. We decided to have dinner at a great restaurant, and a window view to see more of Sedona's rocks. Including the "Snoopy" rock, which is a rock that people think looks like Snoopy laying down.
The next day, we travelled approximately 30 miles to a ghost town, Jerome. It a small town with small shops and a big history! We visited the jail which had mostly slid off the hill, and the hotel, which back then was a hospital and asylum. 

A very old Pepsi-cola machine outside one of the stores in Jerome, and raccoon hats in another store!
In the afternoon, we travelled 20 miles to Red Rock State Park, and swam in the creek. I believe it's Oak Creek. It was so much fun, and we we ended up losing a couple pairs of jandals, but a few bruises later (poor Maddy) we retrieved them. The rocks were covered in algae so it made it very hard to maintain your balance. 
The next day, we left early for the 2 hour trip to the Grand Canyon. It was definitely worth the while, considering its one of the 'Seven Wonders of the World.' It was a little freaky, as some of the areas we walked through were not barriered at the edge. An accident waiting to happen! Overall, it was such a neat experience! 
On the way home, we stopped off in Flagstaff at the Cracker Barrel restaurant for lunch. Everyone had raved about, so we thought we'd try it. It was really nice, and inexpensive, not to mention the store. That was full of... well, stuff! We ended up going home with a few bags, that's for sure.
That afternoon, we had a relaxed afternoon in the heated saltwater pool in our resort. 
The next day we journeyed the 8 hour trip home. It was definitely worth the trip.