Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Various things!

hey everyone, i apologise for not blogging recently. Alot has been going on, so im gonna update you all as best as I can in this post.

Magic Mountain(over several visits)

^ fright Fest where colossus goes backwards


last month we move to a different place. This one is bigger and better than our old one, except it doesnt have a pool. I like it because it is closer to our cousins house and it is gated. I dont have any photos to put up, but i may add some soon! We have alot of great neighbours.

Our last weeks visit to magic mountain

My birthday

On the 14th of december, I turned 15. In the morning we went to egg plantation for breakfast, and Amanda Hovey came with us. It was so nice! Maddy and I had a big stack of pancakes to share. When we got home, we hung out around home for most of the day. We had a yummy cake that mum got from a shop. Later that night we went to a christmas caroling and gift exchange party with our homschool group.

Uncle Alan, Aunty Toni and Juliana's visit

During december/january, my uncle, aunty and baby cousin came to visit. we spent a great 3 1/2 weeks with them. We did many things including disneyland, beaches, the grove, Las Vegas to name a few.