Monday, 9 July 2012

Six flags

On Friday I went to six flags with my sister and a few friends. We rode tatsu, apocalypse, jet stream, batman, buccaneer ship and the special swings. All in that order. Afterwards, we got Wendy's for a very late lunch (3:00 ish)

Fun weekend!

After getting back from six flags that day, we went to my cousins for a sleepover. That night we watched a really great movie. In the morning, I went to a pancake breakfast with the exchange students. There was line dancing and everything. But I didn't participate. After that, I went back to my cousins house and we had donuts. We went to the mall and bought another build-a-bear each plus other stuff. We spent the whole day there. Then we went swimming at a friends pool and picked up a pizza on the way there!

Malibu beach

Today we took the bus to Malibu with a program that has host families take in foreign exchange students for a few weeks. The bus ride was 1 and a half hours each way but everyone had a fun time at the beach. On the way home we ate jolly ranchers, tootsie roll pops and blow pops.